Saint Isabel

Refined Bohème // For the Modern Dreamer

The Saint Isabel 2016 Collection inspiration is rooted in starry skies and the designer’s childhood in Europe. With a nod to this influence, the collection still focuses on the modern woman and her movements. The beading on the lace, while intricate, does not overshadow the bride. Keeping with the Saint Isabel signature look, this collection is composed of fine silks and laces, giving it an airy feel and fantastic movement. While the collection has very clean and minimal lines, the backs are often time loose and perfectly undone, for a certain je ne sais quoi.

Photography: Loft Photogaphy
Model: Dagny Hines
MUA+H: Angela of LucieMarie
Venue: Prospect House, Dripping Springs, Texas
Hair accessories: Untamed Petal