Saint Isabel

Refined Bohème // For the Modern Dreamer

The Zoe top

Ordering Your Dress

The Process

Each dress is handmade in our studio in Texas. While all the dress and separates are unique and have their own process, the following is a general process of the making of a Saint Isabel dress.

We start with a pattern that’s graded to your size. The fabric is carefully inspected for any irregularities, and once the inspection has been completed all the pieces are cut. Next the pieces are sewn together and the measures are checked. After everything measures up, all the pieces are sewn together, and the zipper is applied. Next the hem is hemmed. All measures are checked again and an overall inspection of the finished dress is preformed. The dress is pressed, labeled, carefully packaged and shipped to you! We love what we do, if you would like to receive picture updates of your dress, make sure to let us know!

Please make sure to reach the FAQ and Size & Measurement page before ordering. We love working with our brides directly so feel free to shoot us an e-mail if you have any questions.

Before you order The Dress

All dresses and separates require some extra measurements. Tops with bustier require the following measurements: 
-above bust (this is usually under your arms)
-under bust
These measurements help us determine your cup size. Skirts and dresses also need the following measurements:
-length from waist to floor + heel height
This will help us get the dress as close as possible to your desired length.
If you don't have your shoes yet, don't worry!
Just add the highest heel height you might be comfortable in (or 6 inches) and you can have your local seamstress hem the dress for you once you have your shoes.

Some have other special requirements. Because no one skin is ‘beige’ swatches will be send to you after your order has been placed for dresses with skin tone bodice and layers. You will pick the closest to your skin tone.

Yay! Your Dress has arrived!

You dress will most likely need to be tweaked by a local seamstress. While some brides will be able to get away without any alterations, we strongly urge our brides to make sure the dress is perfectly fitted to their body. A wedding is one of the biggest party of your life, make sure your dress looks killer.